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Membership Requirements

Active Member: Current or former member of the (WHCA) White House Communications Agency or one of its predecessors.

Associate Member: Member of an organization affiliated with the WHCA. An individual who has provided documented direct support to the WHCA and meets other specified requirements (see application form).

As of 4/2/15, Member dues that are paid annually are $30.00 per calendar year. DUES NOTICES ARE NOT SENT. Please remit payment in January to ensure your retention on the active roster. Lifetime memberships are available - please contact Glenn Arnett.

Click here to download and save/return the Membership Application (PDF). Once completed, please mail the form and your initial dues check to:

1600 Communications Association
P.O. Box 160
Washington, DC 20044

You may also remit payment online. Be sure to provide your membership application (download above) via US mail or via email to ensure proper credit and activation. Thank you.





Membership Requirements

By-Laws of the 1600 Communications Association

Scholarship Program



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