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1600 Communications Association Scholarship Program

The 1600 Communications Association‘s scholarship program is established to recognize and award scholarships to eligible students to assist them in pursuit of studies at the undergraduate and graduate level. The program is designed to encourage and support the higher education needs and professional goals of eligible applicants by disseminating available funds in the form of scholarship awards.

Eligible applicants include those whose academic and career goals include completing a college, professional school or technical school education. Those pursuing continuing education to retrain, recertify, renew technical skills or change careers are also encouraged to apply. The following members and individuals are eligible:
- All members in good standing, their immediate dependents, and grandchildren
- All associate members in good standing, their immediate dependents, and grandchildren
- Spouses, children and grandchildren of deceased members and associate members

In addition to be considered for a 1600 Communications Association Scholarship, the applicant must fulfill the following criteria:

- Be a senior at a public, private or parochial high school who is admitted to an accredited college or technical school; or a continuing enrollment student admitted to an accredited college, technical or professional school; or a college graduate admitted to an accredited professional school for continuing studies or advanced degree; or a continuing education student enrolled in, or admitted to, an accredited college or technical school.
- Maintain a record of good academic standing in a competitive curriculum.
- Compile a record of commitment to school and community service that demonstrates leadership qualities.
- Show potential for academic success and evidence of responsible citizenship.
- Demonstrate motivation to complete higher level educational goals.
- Show evidence of commitment to meeting the financial responsibilities of earning an education (e.g. part-time work, student loan plan, work/study program participation, federal or private grants).

Individuals accepted to a school in which tuition, books, and other academic fees are not charged to the student are not eligible.

Individuals are only eligible for two total awards either consecutive or nonconsecutive.

Note: The sponsor must be or have been a member of the 1600 Communications Association in good standing for a minimum of two consecutive years prior to May 31st in the year of application. The sponsor verifies his/her membership status within the Association by signature on the scholarship application form. The status of the sponsor’s membership is confirmed by the Association’s Membership Committee.

Application Preparation
The call for scholarship applications is announced in the January newsletter of the 1600 Communications Association. Concurrently, the application form and submission instructions are posted on the 1600 Communications Association website at: www.1600commassoc.org.

Applications are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee according to the eligibility and selection criteria. Final determinations are made by the Scholarship Committee and recommended to the Board of Directors. Once approved by the Board, the decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final. Incomplete submissions or application forms postmarked after the May 31st deadline result in the disqualification of the applicant.

All applicants must download the most current application form from the 1600 Communications Association web site. The form is available on the web in an MS Word editable form. (see bottom of page)

All portions of the application must be completed. If any portion is not applicable, it should be noted N/A.

The application must be completed on a computer or typewritten. No handwritten applications in whole or part will be accepted.

Only the application itself will be considered. Do not send letters of recommendation, school transcripts, or any other additional information. Only the essay portion of the application and the financial plan for educational expenses may be included as separate attachments.

Applicants need to provide information on where and to whom the scholarship award should to be sent. This is usually to the university’s bursar’s office. Applicants must verify the correct office and provide a name, telephone number and mailing address as well as information on how the check should be written to ensure it is posted to their own university account. It is the applicant’s responsibility to verify this information to ensure funds are properly posted to their school account. Scholarship awards will only be sent to the academic institution. Under no circumstances will awards be sent directly to the student or to a student’s university credit card or bank account.
Prior to submission, the sponsor and applicant are responsible for reviewing the application form and ensuring that it is accurate and complete. The signatures of both sponsor and applicant on the form complete this verification process. Incomplete applications cannot be considered and will result in the disqualification of the applicant.

Applications must be completed and signed by both the applicant and sponsor, converted to PDF format and emailed to:  Scholarships@1600commassoc.org.

The email containing the application package must be timestamped no later than 11:59 PM, May 31. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered, so please leave plenty of time and double check your application prior to emailing.  Do not take a chance on an email system rejecting delivery - leave enough time to resend. 

Evaluation and Award Procedures
The Scholarship Committee is comprised of an appointed chairperson (a member of the Association Board of Directors) and volunteer members of the 1600 Communications Association. The Scholarship Committee reviews the applications after the Membership Committee has certified that the sponsor of each applicant is a member in good standing in the 1600 Communications Association.

The scholarship award is based upon both merit and financial need. Although financial need is an important consideration, the applicant’s total profile, to include academic achievement, character, leadership and career potential, is taken into consideration. Applications will be reviewed and scored in the following ten evaluation areas:

Academic achievement
Character and commitment
Extracurricular activities
Quality of written essay
Financial Plan for educational expenses
Quality and completeness of application
Potential for academic success
Career potential
Evidence of responsible citizenship

The committee will rank the applicants and determine the number of scholarships to be awarded. The committee will forward a recommendation for:

The number of scholarship awards
The amount of each award (based on a total scholarship budget provided by the Association Board)
The winner of the Ron Thomsen Memorial Scholarship Award
The winner of the BG John S.Tuck Memorial Scholarship Award

Note: The Ron Thomsen Memorial Award was created in honor of Ron Thomsen – a lifetime member of the Association, past president, and longtime chairman of the scholarship committee. After Ron’s death in 2009 the award was created to recognize an individual applicant who best represents Ron’s commitment honesty, integrity, and excellence.

The BG John S Tuck Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of BG John Tuck, Commander of WHCA from 1982-1984. BG Tuck was a life time member of the 1600 Communications Association and a major contributor to the scholarship fund. He exemplified Army values and supported increased educational opportunities for those associated with the military.

It will be awarded to a highly qualified candidate who is meets specific criteria related to military service including currently serving in the military as follows:
Active duty
Past service
Plans military service
Dependent of a member on deployment
Surviving dependent of a member wounded or killed on active duty
Dependent of a member on active duty
Dependent of a member on active reserve or guard duty

Notification letters will be sent to all scholarship awardees and non-awardees. Transmittal letters and award funds will be sent to the educational institutions in accordance with the information provided by the applicants. The Board carries no obligation to make awards to each or any of the scholarship applicants.

Other Information
The information supplied on the application form is kept strictly confidential. Applications will be destroyed after review and final scholarship awards are made. No feedback will be provided by the Association to awardees or non-awardees.

All scholarship awards must be used in the academic school year immediately following the award. All funds which cannot be applied during this period will be returned to the Association general scholarship fund.

Scholarship Application (2021): Click here to download in MS-Word Format.


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