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Welcome to our official website.

The 1600 Communications Association was originally formed in 1968 and composed of former members of the White House Army Signal Agency. The Association was later expanded to include all personnel who served in either the White House Army Signal Agency or its successor, the White House Communications Agency. The first Officers of the Association were elected in 1969 and the first By-laws of the Association were adopted in 1971, and amended in December of 1984. The Articles of Incorporation were approved in 1973.

The original purpose of the Association was to establish and perpetuate a fraternal, benevolent, and social organization dedicated to the interest and development of its members who, through the years, provided communications support to the President of the United States. Additionally, the Association provided job placement assistance, a scholarship program, and fostered fraternal relations between corporations and the Government.

Through the years, the membership base has grown considerably. The Association's programs, events and activities are managed solely through volunteer support, and we are always seeking new talent, fresh ideas and member participation.

This site is primarily intended for our members' use but we welcome visitors and are always proud to have the opportunity to increase awareness of the Association, its history and ongoing mission.

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June 24, 2022 - Golf Tournament

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